Thursday, 19 August 2010

Split bridge on the Stratford Canal
Barrel roofed cottage

Thursday 19th August

Under a leaden sky we cast off to do the 5 lock free miles to Kingswood Junction. Left turn onto the short joining piece and then left again to go south towards Stratford. Straight away we are in a queue for both the services and the first lock. Luckily the queue was actually for the water point, not the can dump so hardly any time lost there. No.3 in line for the lock and soon we were in and through. Once again, nice narrow locks, but some of the paddle gear is in need of a bit of TLC and the paddles themselves are small so the cycle time could be a lot faster.

This canal has some pretty features, among which are the small bridges in which the sides don't meet in the middle, but leave a gap. This was to allow the horses tow rope to pass through.

We moved down 9 locks, as far as Lowsonford where there is a pub call the Fleur de Lys. This place is supposed to be the where the original Fleur de Lys pies were made and pies still feature heavily in their menu. We will sample the fare tonight.

The rain kept off all day until after we had moored up for the night.

We are just opposite the Fleur de Lys in the link:,-4.064941&sspn=17.151708,46.538086&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Lowsonford,+Henley-in-Arden,+West+Midlands,+United+Kingdom&ll=52.308667,-1.72591&spn=0.001081,0.00284&t=h&z=19

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