Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday 20th August

The meal last night was very good. Their reputation for pies is rightly deserved.

Once again the weather forecast was no help! Rain some time, but no specifics.

Cath is suffering from frozen shoulder so can't do much in the way of work. Driving the boat is worse than working the locks, but both are painful for her. Telling her to relax and watch while I handle it all is no good at all and she keeps hurting herself by doing things. To make matters worse I missed my footing at a lock and fell over, it looked worse than it was and I was perfectly all right but of course Cath got upset because I might have been hurt and then we would both be crocked.

A couple of locks down we came across some repair work being done on a lock bypass run, but the BW staff were really good and stopped their work and helped us through the lock as well.

At one of the locks was the Cottage in the picture above. A lot of building has been done here to modify this barrel roofed cottage into some sort of mansion.

After 7 locks we came to a level stretch of the canal which runs all the way to Wooten Wawen where we intend to spend tonight. It's a pretty village with a farm shop and also what they claim to be the oldest church in Warwickshire, The Saxon Sanctuary.

We've managed it again! It didn't rain until just after we moored up!

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