Sunday, 1 August 2010

The end of the line, where the Thames-Severn Canal joins the river

Sunday 1st August

We spent a very relaxing Saturday moored up in Lechlade. After a bit of shopping we returned to the boat where I decided to do a bit of painting. The cream lines on our sides are looking a bit sad. They are originally a tape line but I'm painting over the tape. Also I'm touching up some large areas of scratching inside the cockpit.

Sunday dawned overcast and the weatherman said it shouldn't rain, but who believes them?

After a leisurely breakfast we set off on the return journey to Oxford. On the way we passed a couple of small boats with men gathering reeds from the riverside. I asked what they used them for we were told that they were for chair seats.

As we expected the weather forcast was slightly inaccurate and it started to rain. Luckily not too hard and it only lasted about 20 minutes.

We made good time today and travelled 20 lock/miles, we have moored up near Newbridge close to where we stopped on the way upstream. This leaves us with either two easy days or one long push to get to Oxford. We must be off the Thames on Thursday and that should be no problem at all.

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