Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Monday 9th August

Spent a lovely sunny day wandering around Banbury. Visited Tooley's Boatyard, a must for canal boaters, unfortunately they didn't have in stock the one item I wanted, a 19mm skin fitting.

Cath had her hair done and I bought some oil as an engine and gearbox oil change is due.

Tuesday 10th August

Another lazy day and although it rained a little it was fairly pleasant. We wandered up to the supermarket again as we have decided that when we leave here there isn't much in the way of shopping for many days so we've stocked up on food for about 4 days. Our little fridge is getting quite stuffed!

I took the camera into town today and got a few pics of some interesting places, Banbury has done its modernisation very well, blending old and new in what I think is a pleasing way. The three pics are: The famous Tooleys Boat Yard, Banbury Cross (a Victorian piece to replace the one destroyed on the civil war) and just an old building which has blended well with the new.

Tomorrow we'll set off early because we will by then have now taken 3 days out of our batteries and it will probably take about 6-8 hours to recharge them fully. I'm quite pleased with the performance of our traction cells as they have now been on-line for about 52 hours and are still giving good power readings.

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