Saturday, 7 August 2010

Looking back from Heyford Common Lock

Saturday 7th August,

The canal continues on its winding way, following roughly the line of the River Cherwell. The countryside bordering the cut is a occasionally tree lined interspersed with wide open fields. Noticeably, the towpath here is on a poor state and even non existent state.

We haven't travelled far today, 6 miles and 3 locks, but a couple of boats have told us that Banbury is very crowded due to some sort of Tom Rolt celebration so we may have a great deal of trouble finding a mooring there. Also there is also a folk music festival at Cropredy which is attended by a lot boats. We've seen a lot of boaters who definitely look like they are refugees from a folk festival.

We are now moored up at Aynho Wharf and will make a decision tomorrow whether to carry on to Banbury or wait until Monday.

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