Saturday, 27 July 2013

Alone again

Saturday 27th July 2013
Yesterday we once again cruised through Leighton Buzzard, heading north. Passing the Wyvern Shipping Co., we stopped off to confirm our booking for a mooring next week.
We then continued through Leighton Lock, and, passing The Globe pub we stopped to book a table for lunch on Saturday.
At bridge 110 there is a winding hole, where we turned around and headed back to Leighton Buzzard.
We managed to find the same mooring we had a few days ago was free, well nearly, we had to ask some fisherman to move, they were young lads, and very good about it. I have had some very bad reactions from some fishermen about this, but mooring does take precedence.
Once again Danny and I took a wander into town where we devoured an ice cream each before
heading back.
This morning we simply chugged up to the same winding hole as yesterday, turned and then moored up at the pub to wait for Damon and Liz.
Danny had a whale of a time playing in their kids area. He surprised us by walking up the suspended log steps. He wanted to come down the fireman's pole, but was too short to reach the pole from the landing. With a little help to reach it though, he loved sliding down it.
Damon and Liz duly arrived about 12.00, and Danny started showing off his skills before we went in for lunch.
The food here is very good, as is the service. The desserts were particularly wonderful. On top of all that, there's plenty of mooring!
Finally it was time for them to head off back to Leeds, and we're once again enjoying peace and quiet. Fantastic!

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