Thursday, 4 July 2013

On to Kilby Bridge

Thursday 4th July 2013
Looking at the map yesterday it seemed that we would have to do a longer than normal run today. We needed to reach a service area, and the nearest was 8 miles and 12 locks away.
With that in mind we pryed ourselves out of bed at 6.30 this morning and set off. Cath provided bacon sandwiches on the move for breakfast.
The first lock of the day was Freemans Meadow Lock where there is a picturesque large weir.

I took this picture last year. The fencing has now been removed.
Onward to St. Mary's Mill Lock, where we had just finished cycling it when another boater turned up below, to follow us. I offered to wait at the next lock, but it turned out to be a working boat and butty, and they need a lock to themselves.
As with many locks, Aylestone Mill Lock is approached through a bridge, this frames quite a nice picture.

We continued to work our way up the locks, and with half the distance done, we suddenly discovered that the map book had duplicated several locks when we turned a page. This meant that we had 3 fewer locks to do than originally thought, joy.
We arrived at Kilby Bridge around 1.00 o'clock and started to fill with water. The pressure here isn't too bad and it only took about 40 minutes to fill up. meanwhile I emptied the two cans we had and dumped the rubbish.
While we were doing this, Lamprey an ex FMC motor and butty which had been following us up the locks came past
Once we had finished with the services we pulled across the river and moored up for the night. The weather has been improving all day, and the weatherman has promised a heat wave over the next few days, wonderfull.

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