Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Campbell Park

Tuesday 16th July 2013
We spent a lazy day yesterday, partly sheltered by trees. I did get a little bit of cleaning done, but not a lot, too hot.
In the morning we went for a walk around the local area. I've noted before that Milton Keynes has some lovely parks around its perimeter, and there was one here. It had a nice little pond.

And a fine old church.

We chugged off this morning needing to run for a fairly long time to recharge the batteries. The canal twists its way around the north and east of MK, and on the way we pass many open spaces, several with playgrounds for kids.
Having to run a long time we decided to carry on south, though Feeny Stratford lock and on to the winding hole at Water Eaton Mill. Here we turned around and set off back with the intention of mooring up at Campbell Park.
We arrived at about 1.30, and luckily found space to tie up.
I caught the bus into the centre of town just to have a look around.
We'll shop in town tomorrow and then we might move across the canal where the mooring is 14 day, rather than the 48 hrs that it is on this side.

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