Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Tuesday 2nd July 2013
Last night we were joined at our mooring by Castleber, a time share boat with a new crew on board. It was their first outing after joining the syndicate, but had hired many times before.
We agreed to share the next few locks for today, we were only going as far as Leicester while they were carrying on a far as they could. This is us at Lime Kiln Lock
We found the Castle Garden Mooring in Leicester to be empty of boats, to our relief, and after tying up I decided to go and have a look at the gas museum so I entered the post code into my Galaxy and wandered into town.
The nav programme guided me unerringly to the given post code, but all I found there was a post office depot.
"Ah yes" said the chap I found in an office, "I get several people a week asking where it is, it's not here."
He did give me some vague directions to where he thought it was, but I didn't bother as I wasn't too convinced of his knowledge of the area.
Another thing I've found is the bus drivers don't seem to know their routes. I asked several of them if they went past Castle Gardens, but got very blank looks, they seem to have never heard of it. After walking back to the gardens I checking the bus stop outside and several of the busses I had queried did, in fact stop at Castle Gardens. It seems that the local drivers don't have any local knowledge!
We plan to stay here tomorrow and do a bit of shopping (possibly even some retail therapy). On Thursday it looks as if we may have a long journey to the next facilities point, and we will definitely need them, we'll be low on water and full of *****.
PS I've now found that the guide book I'm using has a different post code from the website for the museum. It looks like our Nicholson's Guide is a bum steer.

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