Friday, 12 July 2013

Blissworth Tunnel and Stoke Bruern

Friday 12th July 2013
Setting off this morning it wasn't very warm, and I had to put on a fleece first thing. Later the cover burnt off and we continued with a lovely cruise through the sunshine.
We decided to stop at Stowhill Wharf to refuel. It was a very reasonable 85 ppl. I don't expect it to be any cheaper than that from now on. I've heard tales of some places on the Thames charging £1.60 pl with no prop/heat split allowed. I wouldn't call them robbing bastards, OK I will.
The railway is a constant companion around here, and I'm a bit p****d with myself for missing a good opportunity for a photo of railway, train, and canal in one piccy.
Next it was a stop at Gayton Junction to empty a can, and then carry on through Blissworth Tunnel. For those who don't know, Blissworth Tunnel is one of the longest on the system at 3057 yds. It is wide enough for two narrowboats to pass, so you do get "the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming boat" syndrome.

Unfortunately, before setting off this morning I adjusted our headlights to a different angle to see how it worked. It was a bit of a disaster. The first boat we met in the tunnel had a lot of trouble because my light was blinding him. I've now re-adjusted the lights and hopefully it will be an improvement.
Immediately after the tunnel is the famous village of Stoke Bruern. This is a real tourist trap, with a waterways museum, a pub, an indian restaurant, a gift shop, a real goody seller, where the ice cream and other sweet things are superb.
There was also a gathering of The Messerschmitt Owners Club. Remember them? a bubble car, seating two, one behind the other. I have to say I never wanted one, and still don't, but the examples on show here were in superb condition, and the prices I heard quoted were on another planet.
We've moored up after going through 2 of the 7 locks here.
I don't know if it's something I'm doing, or if there is a problem with our Sky system, but I can't get the satellite system to work. I suspect the LNB but really don't know yet.

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