Thursday, 25 July 2013

Daniel's week so far

Thursday 25th July 2013
While the weather has cooled very slightly, it's still hot. The rain seems to come at night, which suits me.
On Tuesday we continued our cruise southward, but only as far as Leighton Buzzard. There's a 24 hr Tesco here very close to the canal mooring. We carried out a raid on it, which, because of the hot weather, was full of cooling liquids making it very heavy. Our poor shopping trolley coped with it very well, but I think we were well over its MGW!
After that we moved just a few yards, through the bridge to the service point for the usual water, rubbish, and chuck a can. It was then only another few yards to find a good overnight mooring. We were lucky there, this place is popular, and the moorings seem to be fairly full.
Wednesday we chugged off, still heading south. This time we only went about 3 miles and through 3 locks before stopping for the day.
Today we came back to Leighton Buzzard and moored up a little further from the the town. this seems a popular fishing spot, there are lots of them about, and as we came near the town there was a chap out driving markers into the ground at carefully measured intervals. Looks like a fishing competition this weekend.
Danny and I went into town and had a lovely cool drink in Costa while Cath stayed on the boat and watched part of a biopic about Coco Channel which she recorded last night.

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