Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Wednesday 3rd July 2013
Last evening a boat rocked up here at the Castle Garden Moorings to find that he was too long to fit in what was left of the pontoon after two other boats had joined us through the day.
The boat was none other that "Ocean Princess" with James Griffin at the helm. For those who don't know (I didn't either) this is the narrowboat which he modified to be seagoing, and has taken out into the Atlantic.
We had a quick shuffle around, and he ended up moored on the end with a bit hanging over.
This morning Cath and I set off for a bit of shopping. First call was to John Lewis to try and find a booster cushion for when Daniel comes to visit, and a replacement 'shower bits' holder because the one we have at present has started to go a bit rusty.
We managed to find both of the things we needed, and then carried on into town to find a bus to take us out to the Morrison's supermarket. Before finding the bus we called in at Boots to put in my next prescription request.
On returning from the supermarket I found that Boots could not completely fill my prescription and could I come back tomorrow for them to complete it. This is a bit a nuisance as we intend to move out fairly early tomorrow. They were very helpful when hearing of my need. They rang around other shops in the area, and having found some, the assistant went out and got it. Full marks to Boots for customer service.

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