Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mooring up for the week

Sunday 28th July 2013
Boy oh boy it was quiet last evening and this morning. No little man to liven things up, breakfast was relaxed.
With only a short journey and one lock to do we didn't set off early. The engine was started in order to get some washing done, and finally at about 10.30 we tootled off heading for The Wyvern Shipping Co. moorings in Leighton Buzzard.
When we called in on Friday we had been warned that there would be no one around, but I had been shown the mooring spot. Arriving this morning there was one of their hire boats in the slot, so we've had to breast up with it. No problem, just unexpected.
We're all tied up snug now, tomorrow they tell me that a power hook up can be organised. Hopefully the hire car will arrive on time and we'll be off to Bristol for the week.

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