Monday, 1 July 2013

On to Birstall

Monday 1st July 2013
Well, here it is July and what does the weather do? At least it isn't raining, but the wind could die a bit and some of the clouds certainly don't need to be there. That's enough whinging.
Actually it hasn't been a bad day at all. We set off from Barrow this morning just as "Blessed Bee" came around the corner and we shared the next few locks with them.

As we plodded along this section I saw a nice looking bridge around the next corner. But as we got closer it looked like it was disused.

But a closer look showed a cover on the bridge. Looking at the map it seems that the bridge has a conveyer on it. I wonder what it conveys?

The river winds through some lovely countryside here, everywhere you look there is something worth seeing. From pretty weirs

To interesting carvings, like this one at Sileby Lock.
Leaving Junction Lock Blessed Bee took the lead for the first time, when we reached Thurmaston Lock there was already a boat waiting for a partner.  Blessed Bee moored up and then very kindly waved us in. What a gent! When we were through I stayed behind to at least get him into the lock.
Thurmaston was our last lock of the day, we had planned to stop at Birstall and get some milk, leaving us about 8 lock/miles tomorrow to get to Castle Park mooring in Leicester.

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