Thursday, 11 July 2013

Buckby Locks

Thursday 11th July 2013
A bit of a lie in this morning compared to the last couple of days.
We left our mooring at the bottom of Watford Locks at about 9.15 and chugged slowly along to Norton Junction, where The Leicester Arm meets the main line of the Grand Union.
Here the wide locks start again, and it's straight into them with Buckby Lock Flight almost immediately.
Luckily we manage to pair up with "Tombee Two" for this very heavy set of locks. Dave and Elaina recently bought the boat, and while it looks in excellent condition on the outside, they have had a few problems. The most recent was a broken control cable. I think they're both very pleased with her in general though. Here we are in the top lock.
After the 7 locks we continued along what could be a peaceful canal, except for the proximity of both the M1 motorway and the main line railway. After a couple of miles the motorway veered off, but the railway remains a constant companion. We travelled as far as Weedon. A charming little village with an aqueduct over the main road. It's a steep climb down to the road from the mooring, then the road goes under the canal and the railway, of course climbing back up makes me puff.

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