Friday, 5 July 2013

Towards Saddington Tunnel

Friday 5th july 2013
Summer is once again showing her face. We set off in wall to wall sunshine and it has remained like that all day.
The canal continues to climb, and we've done 10 locks today, climbing all the way, bar one lock to the Saddington Tunnel level. On the way we have traveled through some lovely scenery. The piccy below is of Wistow church, which seems to stand alone in the countryside. It's close the site of a medieval village called Whystowe.
 We moored up just before Kibworth top Lock, leaving us one lock to do tomorrow. We'll then be on the Market Harborough/bottom of Foxton locks level.
 We haven't decided whether to go out for a meal while in Market Harborough, but we probably will.
After tieing up I took the camera out for a walk along the towpath to see if there was anything of interest.
These iris are nearly over now, but they are still quite pretty.
 I find it hard to ignore a view through a bridge hole
 Kibworth Top Lock Cottage is getting some serious extension work done on it.
It's now time to sit and watch Andy Murray in the semis.

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