Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Tuesday 9th July 2013
We decided to get up earlier than usual this morning to try and get some motoring in before the sun got too hot.
Consequently we fell out of bed this morning at 7.00 and were on the way before 8.00. The sun shone, but the early morning cool was still there.
This is a long pound, so the cruising was very leisurely. With not far to go today we were cruising along fairly slowly, admiring the scenery even more than usual. It's lovely up here, on the summit level of this part of The Grand Union Leicester Section.
As the sun started to get stronger the canal started to enter a more shaded part of the route. We were approaching Husbands Bosworth tunnel, so the ground was rising and there were more trees giving shade.
On the far side of the tunnel the shade continued for quite some time before the scenery opened out again.
At Welford Junction we turned left down the Welford Arm. This arm is a feeder for the canal, bringing water from the Welford and Sulby reservoirs. The book says that after being derelict and silted up for many years it was reopened in 1969.
At the end of the arm there is a marina and boatyard, as well as a full services block.
The village is served by one small shop which doubles as a post office and off licence. In itself the village looks very ordinary, but it does have a very pretty small park area.
I forgot to put the memory card back on my camera this morning, so I've not managed any pictures today!

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