Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Back to The Wilderness

Wednesday 17th July 2013
A lazy day today. Because the Campbell Park moorings are 48 hr. We decided to move, and it gave a chance to do a wash load and charge the batteries.
It was only a short run, less than 3 miles, taking us back to Wilderness Park, where we stopped a couple of days ago.
After spinning her around in the winding hole we reversed Lyra onto the same mooring we had the other day.
There's a bench on the towpath, nicely shaded, where we could sit and read. I trundled off to the local One Stop shop for a Radio Times and a Motorcycle News for me. We then just sat under the tree canalside reading and watching the boats go by.
Cath also made some bread again today. That was hot work!

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