Saturday, 13 July 2013

To Thrupp on a scorching day

Saturday 13th July 2013
As we set off from our night's mooring another boat came around the corner heading for the lock. Wonderful, we have a share. Geoff and Maureen shared the next 5 locks with us. They're also heading for London like us.
At the bottom of the flight there's a facilities block, so we stopped and took on water, chucked a can, dumped some rubbish before continuing.
Once again the sun was beating down, the Met Office has issued a heat warning, as we tootled along gently. We have slowed down a bit because Daniel is coming to us next Saturday, and we reckon that Milton Keynes will be a good place to receive him, so we are just going to be plodding slowly. If we tried we could get to where we want to be tomorrow, but that's no good. MK has strict mooring rules.
We carried on until reaching Thrupp Wharf
We've decided to go out to The Navigation, a waterside pub whose garden you can see in the photo above.
Just one more thing, Your's truly once again gets the numpty award. Last night I couldn't get the satellite TV to set up. I thought that maybe the LNB had failed, but with no way of testing it I wasn't sure. A quick phone call to Martyn, the Travelsat guru and I left a message asking for help. This morning he got back to me and asked if I was sure that the sat finder box was connected the right way around. Now, I never disconnect the dish end wire from it, so never thought to look, but, yes, it must have come off and I never thought to check. Once again we have satellite tele, just in time for Moto GP qualifying.

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